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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully this list of Frequently Asked Questions will answer many of the booking queries you may have, but if anything is not covered in this section which you would like to ask then please use the online contact form

'What is your price?' 

Alun sets prices on an individual basis for each booking according to how long you would like him to play, whether you would like to include any additional musicians in the live music sets and in certain cases a small surcharge may apply for excessive mileage. Please get in touch using the online contact form to discuss your booking. 

'Are you happy to play Guitar and Piano for our booking?' 

Alun is more than comfortable and willing to perform on Guitar, Piano... or both! As a general rule the Guitar sets are a bit more lively and upbeat, whereas the Piano sets are a generally more laid back, but this can be tailored to taste, or a Percussionist can be added to either set to spice things up a bit! 

'Can we book you for the daytime and book your band for the evening?'

Alun loves getting the chance to be a part of the ceremony as well as the evening in order to provide a continuous soundtrack to your wedding and see you and your guests enjoying themselves for the duration of the big day. Check out the Projects Page to browse evening entertainment.

'Will you learn songs upon request?' 

Alun is more than happy to learn material for your booking as long as he feels he can do the Repertoire justice according to instrumentation, etc. For example, there are some songs which really need a full orchestra which simply won't sound right played by one person, so to avoid disappointment he will advise accordingly in this sort of scenario. 

'Will you learn music for walking down the aisle / exit music / first dance?' 

Alun will make every effort to learn any pieces of music which are close to your heart for your booking! He is also more than happy to provide music for guests while they are entering the ceremony room and while they wait for the bride to arrive and put the groom's anxiety at rest! 

'How long do you need to set up?' 

Alun has a streamlined set up, which takes up a small amount of space. This means he can be set up within ten minutes and ready to go on your call! For sets where both Guitar and Piano are requested this will add five minutes to the set up time. Unless the room you have chosen for performance is very small with a small number of guests, in which case amplification may not be needed, a single power outlet is also required for musical equipment. Alun also understands that your guests may not appreciate an extended soundcheck, so this process is always kept to an absolute minimum,. 

'Can I choose my own set list from a list of songs?' 

Yes! If you want to choose the songs that mean the most to you, Alun is more than happy for you to browse the list of his extensive repertoire for you to customise his setlist so that it flows just the way you want it. 

'Will you please turn it down!?' 

Of course! Alun understands that you don't always want the music to be the biggest, loudest focal point of your day and is more than happy to crank it down as well as up to suit you and your guests. 

Are you fully insured? 

Alun has full Public Liability Insurance, all his equipment is P.A.T tested and he also holds a DBS Certificate so that you have peace of mind when you make a booking.